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“Barbara Bierach has made a great debut here and with Emma Vaughan she has created an investigator who doesn't do everything without a hitch, whether professionally or privately, a woman with rough edges, not to mention her addiction to pills.”

 -Miss Norge's blog on July 15, 2017

“... an exciting case that even comes with a resolution that left me wondering who decides whether someone is good or bad and whether a crime needs to be atoned for or not.”

-The dark skins on August 11, 2016

The trailer for Wall of Lies. Produced by Melo in Munich.

Here's oneReading sample.

“... an easy-to-read crime novel that is more about a family story and the long arm of the church. This book avoids much bloodshed and cleverly connects the past with the present.”

-Irelandnews on November 22, 2016

“Barbara Bierach has traveled a lot: New York, Sydney and now the Irish northwest coast. After successful non-fiction books, her first crime novel follows, quite quiet, with depth, empathy and a deep insight into Irish history.”

-Coolibri for the reading at Crime Cologne on September 27th, 2016

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