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“The investigator Emma Vaughan, a woman who has both feet on the ground, who doesn't believe in esotericism, who sometimes works unconventionally, violates official regulations, and who cares more about people than case statistics, was with all her weaknesses to me from the start friendly."

 -Barbara62 on on March 26, 2018

For me, “Vow of Silence” was a successful crime novel with a lot of atmosphere and an interesting investigator. I am very happy to recommend the book and rate it a good four out of five stars. We can only hope that, since a few questions remain unanswered, that there will be more There will be missions for the likeable investigator from green Ireland.”

Maddinliest: 26.3.208

“You just notice how much care and love Bierach describes the country, people and Irish life. Political aspects always come into play. The relationship between Northern Ireland/England and the Republic of Ireland is a recurring topic. Unfortunately, I soon recognized the connection between the angel of death and digitalis. This should also have been clear to the investigators and the pathologist. Barbara Bierach has a surprising solution for the second case.
Vow of Silence is a must for friends of the Emerald Isle and readers who appreciate a good crime novel, without gruesome descriptions, told in an exciting way. I would be happy to give you 5 stars.”

- Ele up on March 15, 2018

Barbara Bierach Author and journalist in Ireland writes Irish crime stories

“The details about Ireland are beautiful, the small, interspersed pieces of information that capture and represent the peculiarities of the country and its people.

Emma as the main character is well characterized, the weaknesses portrayed make her human and her actions and decisions are understandable and rational. ...

Overall, a solid crime thriller for in between, which impresses with its quiet, rather bloodless tones and whose biggest advantage is the likeable investigator Emma.”

Book nut up in March 2018

“Crime fans who want to find out more about the country and its people are absolutely right with this Irish crime story. I really enjoyed seeing and getting to know Ireland through Emma Vaughan's eyes. It was very exciting for me to look over her shoulder during the investigations in two cases and I give it 5 stars."

Mimi's country library on reading jury. de on March 30, 2018

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